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Photo by Tony Prince
Cindy Ferguson

Cindy Ferguson

Shop Local Laguna

Laguna Beach, a gorgeous surfside community in Southern California filled with restaurants, bars, galleries, museums, specialty shops, outdoor activities, hotels, tours, live entertainment and festivals.

As a local for 25 years, I know many of the merchants and artists in our small town, but not their story. Not what made them WHO they are today, doing what they are doing here in Laguna Beach. SHOP LOCAL LAGUNA is designed to INTRODUCE our local merchants and artists to Laguna, to SHOW the community what they do, and to provide the locals of Laguna Beach (and our neighbors from the surrounding cities: Newport Beach, CDM, Dana Point, San Clemente, etc.) with quick access to information to SHOP LOCAL in SUPPORT our beach town merchants and artists.

This is also a two-way-street! The merchants and artists of Laguna Beach also support our locals with a vast array of fabulous events, entertainment, discounts and unique, innovative promotions. Necessity is the mother of invention, at its finest.

C'mon, take a look. Now, more than ever, Laguna merchants and artists need our support, and we need theirs!

Shop Local Laguna!
Text or Call: (949) 403-9658
668 N. Coast Hwy. #231
Laguna Beach, California 92651