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Covid may keep some of us off of an airplane, but the sky is the limit when it comes to ROAD TRIPS!
Chose a short 1-2 day trip, or a lengthy multi-week adventure, all keeping your safety and enjoyment first!

Carlsbad is Calling!

In less than an hour driving time from Laguna Beach, California, you can experience seven miles of coastline, nine incredible breweries, world-class resorts, shopping, golf, restaurants and more.

Yellowstone National Park

Living in Southern California in the middle of winter, I thought to myself, "where can we go that offers adventure, great sightseeing and is not too far away so we can drive?" Yellowstone National Park came to mind, but one does not think about Yellowstone for a vacation in the dead of winter. Or, do they? I did a little research and found that even though Yellowstone was covered in snow, and it was COLD (below zero), it was a magical winter wonderland in the freezing, snowy months. Let's go!

Another fun and quick Road Trip: Rail Baron Charter to the Grand Canyon.

Something special and truly unique just rolled onto the Grand Canyon Railway in Williams, Arizona: The Rail Baron Charter. Jump in your car and drive 6 1/2 hours from Laguna Beach, California, to Williams, Arizona, where you can charter a private train comprised of three ultra-luxurious 1940s and 1950s railcars. The train set consists of a rear open-aired observation car (The Kansas);

a parlor/café and lounge car (The Utah); and a coveted vista dome/sleeper car (The California). In addition, two other historic rail cars are available for charters: The Santa Fe a luxury parlor/lounge/café car; and the Max Biegert, also a luxury parlor car with an open-air rear platform. These fully restored historic train cars feature fine fabrics, hand-crafted teak and fine wood interiors, china and real silverware, televisions and satellite radio.

Grand Canyon Railway is not a tourist railroad or heritage museum – it's an everyday working passenger railroad that runs 65 miles from Williams (itself on historic Route 66) to within steps of the South Rim of Grand Canyon. That said, you will hire your car (or cars) of choice, a steam or diesel locomotive, and take off for the canyon either 30 minutes before or after the departure of a normally scheduled train. You can also charter a completely private rail car, following your own schedule.

Charters include an engineer, brakeman, conductor, and passenger service attendant to provide for every need. It's possible to add stops along the way (on sidings) for a Chuck Wagon dinner, bar service, live entertainment, custom food service (these passenger cars have kitchens) a personal chef, or even to have a sleepover in the private sleeping cars.

So if you ever wanted your very own train, call 928-635-5700 or visit


andBeyond Expeditions

This is the quintessential African safari experience that combines the rustic, untamed wilderness of Botswana’s most iconic destinations with comfortable mobile camping accommodation and an exclusive game viewing adventure.

Dear Traveler Friends - Riviera Nayarit

We have a new challenge before us, but we need to come together. Be strong, care for one another, and when all this is over we will be waiting for you with open arms.
With love, Riviera Nayarit.

Meet Chuck Kinder! - Best4Golf

Travel the World in Pursuit of Golf! A lifetime of travel and tourism, family and friends around the world. A fifty-year Lagnuantic with fond memories of a lifestyle that only our quaint little town can offer.